Event Proposal

The Learned Society of Wales organises and supports relevant events each year ranging from conferences to annual public lectures, schools engagement, meetings, award lectures discussion forums, book launches, aimed at both a specialist audience and the general public.

The Society’s independence and the breadth of its Fellowship enable leading specialists, researchers and commentators to engage in well informed debates on topics concerning the well-being of Wales.

Please read the following guidelines for more information about submitting a proposal.

  1. Proposal Form

All events and activities proposed require the submission of the proposal form available here. Proposals will be assessed initially by the Secretariat,  in consultation with members of elected Officers from the Executive Committee.

Ideally a three-month lead time after submission of the event proposal form is required.

  1. Assessment

All proposals will be assessed in the context of the Society’s Mission:

  • To celebrate, recognise, preserve, protect and encourage excellence in all scholarly disciplines, and in the professions, industry and commerce, the arts and public service
  • To promote the advancement of learning and scholarship and the dissemination and application of the results of academic enquiry and research
  • To act as an independent source of expert scholarly advice and comment on matters affecting the wellbeing of Wales and its people, and to advance public discussion and interaction on matters of national and international importance

Existing funding, collaboration with other HEIs and other Learned Societies will be important considerations.

  1. Approval

Following approval, the proposer will be responsible for convening the event and ultimately responsible for the budget.

The Society must be kept informed about progress and arrangements for the event, and will assist in promotion.

  1. Finance and Administration

It is the responsibility of the proposer, following consultation with the Secretariat staff to prepare an outline budget identifying fixed and variable costs, and how they are to be met.

Proposers must seek to develop potential sources or avenues for fundraising. The Society will where possible, try and provide a contribution either in direct support or in staff time.

  1. Society recognition 

All events supported by the Society must make public mention of the Society’s support in all press/ digital notices & public marketing, including the Society’s logo.

Where possible, the Society would welcome the opportunity to display a banner and promotional material at the event.

6. Post-event report

A short paragraph providing a factual summary together with relevant pictures should be provided, which may be featured on the Society’s website.