‘Europeanising Devolution: Wales, the United Kingdom and Europe’

Europeanising Devolution

A one-day conference at the Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, 

Friday, 24 May 2013 


Organised by The Learned Society of Wales 

in partnership with The British Academy 


The conference places devolution in Wales in a comparative and multi-level context and will start from the assumption that Europe matters for Wales, in terms of policy delivery, best practice, para-diplomacy and inter-cultural exchange.  Comparing Wales with cognate regions elsewhere within the EU allows core questions to be addressed such as:  What qualities do territories need to be credible trans-national partners?  Do trans-national interactions provide legitimisation, economic benefits, symbolic affirmation, or a combination of these?


Conference Sessions:

  • European Territorial Governance between Convergence and Capacity
  • What’s Devolution ever done for us?
  • Europe’s multi-level States between Convergence and Capacity
  • Roundtable: Wales and its Partners

Speakers include :

  • Professor Stijn Smismans (Cardiff)
  • Professor Alistair Cole (Cardiff)
  • Professor Kenneth Dyson (Cardiff)
  • Dr Ian Stafford (Cardiff)
  • Professor Roger Scully (Cardiff)
  • Professor Arthur Benz (Darmstadt)
  • Professor Jean-Baptiste Harguindéguy (Seville)
  • Professor Christian de Visscher (Louvain)
  • Professor Romain Pasquier (Rennes)
  • Hywel Ceri Jones (Cardiff)

As well as practitioners from Wales (Desmond Clifford), the European Commission (David Hughes), Catalonia (Albert Royo), Flanders (Geert de Proost), and Brittany (Mme Mona Bras)

For more information please contact Dr Sarah Morse: smorse@lsw.wales.ac.uk 


Please click here to register. 

The conference is the first of two linked events and will be followed by a one-day conference, Welsh Devolution in Perspective, which is being organised by The British Academy in partnership with The Learned Society of Wales. 

The second conference will be held on 31 May 2013 at The British Academy, Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH.

For more information and to register for the London event, please contact:

Ms Jamiesha Majevadia: j.majevadia@britac.ac.uk