Managing Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe: A Roundtable

Wednesday 1 February 2012, 17.00-19.00 

Committee Room, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University


Part of the ‘Reforming European Governance: Implications for the

United Kingdom and Wales’ Series


Since late 2009 the global financial and economic crisis, with its roots in the US sub-prime mortgage crisis, has mutated into a sovereign debt crisis centred on the European Union and its Member States. Concerns regarding the levels of national debt across states and the ability of governments to service these debts have shaken the faith of investors in the Eurozone and raised question marks as to the future sustainability of the Euro. Although attention has primarily centred on the expanding list of states characterised as the ‘sick man of Europe’ – Greece, Ireland, Portugal and increasingly Italy and Spain – the threat of a mass downgrade of credit ratings threatens the whole of the Eurozone. In response to the crisis, European Member States have introduced a raft of measures designed to safeguard financial stability – notably the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). This roundtable brings together speakers from across Wales, the UK and Europe to explore the implications of these challenges for the future of Europe, the UK and Wales and the potential strategic options that UK and Welsh governments face in the future.



  Roundtable Participants:

Professor Kenneth Dyson, School of European Studies, Cardiff University (Chair)

Christian Krappitz, European Commission

Graham Bishop, Graham Bishop Associates

Professor Martin Bull, University of Salford

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