Engaging with the New European Economic Governance Architecture

The series of economic and financial crises which have engulfed the European Union and its Member States over the last two years have precipitated a reshaping of the political and institutional direction of European Integration. The introduction of the ‘fiscal compact’, signed by 25 Member States in March 2012, builds on existing mechanisms to deliver greater fiscal discipline and economic coordination within the Eurozone and wider Economic and Monetary Union. The UK Government’s decision to opt out of the Treaty raises important questions regarding its position within an increasingly multi-speed Europe and its engagement with the emerging economic governance architecture. Furthermore, the perception of the UK as re-embracing its past ‘awkward partner’ status raises key challenges for the Welsh Government’s aim of being an ‘active and constructive partner’ in Europe.

This half-day conference brough together speakers from across Wales, the UK and Europe to explore different perspectives of the European Union’s response to the economic and financial crises and the changing position of the UK and Wales within this context.

  A flyer for the event can be found here.