Designing Bloodhound SSC – The 1000mph Car



Designing BLOODHOUND SSC – The 1000mph Car


Professor Kenneth Morgan

College of Engineering, Swansea University


7.00 pm, Thursday, 25 November, 2010,

Old College, Aberystwyth University


The BLOODHOUND SSC Project is aimed at taking the World Land Speed Record into a totally new speed regime.  Researchers from Swansea University are assisting the process of designing a manned vehicle capable of reaching the speed of 1000mph by 2012. This would surpass the current Land Speed Record, of 763mph, by over 30%.  The Project presents the design team with massive engineering challenges, including the problem of ensuring that the car will remain stable at this speed.  To assist the design team, computational fluid dynamics is being used at Swansea University to predict the overall aerodynamic behaviour of the vehicle.  The lecture will describe the nature of the methods being employed and the contributions to the aerodynamic design that have been made.


Frontiers is a lecture series in which distinguished academics are invited to speak about the frontiers of research and to place their own contributions in context. Professor Morgan’s research has contributed to the emergence of the discipline of computational engineering and changed the way in which the aerospace industry uses simulation in engineering analysis and design.


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