Election of Officers of the Society: invitation to submit nominations for the role of General Secretary

The Society’s Regulations [7.3] provide that the General Secretary shall be elected by the Fellows of the Society “from amongst their number.” 

The Regulations further provide that:

  • the General Secretary shall serve a term of Office of up to three Society Years as defined in accordance with these Regulations; the term of Office for the General Secretary shall commence at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which their election was announced
  • the General Secretary may seek re-election for a second term of up to three Society Years
  • the General Secretary having served two terms shall not be eligible for re-election for a further consecutive term.

The current General Secretary, Professor Alan Shore, will end his second term of office at the close of the Annual General Meeting on 17 May 2023.

As the Regulations above state, Professor Shore is not eligible to be re-elected as the Society’s General Secretary. 

You are invited, as Fellows of the Society, to submit an application for this role to serve for a period of three Society Years, from the end of the Annual General Meeting to be held on 17 May 2023 until the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2026.

Fellows who intend to submit an application are asked to note the following information: applications must be submitted on the Application Form, which must be returned to Amanda Kirk either by email (Akirk@lsw.wales.ac.uk), or by post to the address shown on the form, to arrive by no later than Monday 16 January 2023.