ECR Colloquium 6 July 2023

The call for proposals has now closed.

To submit a proposal for flash talk or a poster, you will need to complete our Call for Proposals form.

We want to hear from ECRs who are building their careers to share their work while considering the interdisciplinary nature of research.  We encourage them to reflect on the role their research can play in contributing to a prosperous Wales and the well-being of future generations

Submissions will be accepted 
from all subject areas which can contribute to a Wales that measures prosperity not only economically, but also as part of it’s social well-being.

Possible topics could include research which contributes directly or indirectly to:

·        The change to a low carbon society;

·       Creating skills for the future;

·        Encouraging a culture of decent work;

·       The health of the people of Wales;

·        A vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language

·        Attractive, viable, safe and well-connected communities;

·        Greater equality that enables people to fulfil their potential;

·        The ecological resilience of the natural environment, including acting on climate change.

Further information on this strand of the Future Generations Act can be found here. for review before submitting any proposals.

Submission Guidelines

Title of the Proposal:  The title should be succinct and descriptive

Abstract: A brief, high-level overview of the research and how it relates to the theme of Building Prosperous Wales. (250 word maximum)  Further information on this strand of the Future Generations Act can be found here.  You are encouraged to read through this before writing your submission.

Special Requirements:  Please indicate the need for any simultaneous translation or additional needs.   You may present in Welsh or English.  If you have any additional needs we would like to accommodate them.

Your Job title/position:  If you are still a student, let us know here.

Organisation name and address:  Priority will be given to researchers based at institutions in Wales.  Submissions could be from a University, Research Institute, Public Sector or Third Sector organisation or Private sectr company.

We are not defining a number of years post-PhD to be considered as an Early Career Researcher, but you are asked to explain why you fall into this category.  If you are not a PhD student or ECR, please let us know what stage you are at in your career (Mid-career researcher; Postgraduate Researcher; Senior Researcher, Principal Investigator)

Review , Selection and Notifications

Submissions will be reviewed by the organisers of the ECR Conference.  We anticipate selecting five talks over a broad range of fields, with priority to those who consider themselves ECRs and are based at institutions in Wales.  The research must show a link to the theme of Building a Prosperous Wales. 

With all submissions the organisers retain the right to request additional information, ask that changes be made to improve a presentation, or decline a presentation we do not find relevant to the meeting. No changes can be made after proposals have been submitted unless we have specifically requested that change. Please re-read your submission before you finalise it to ensure the submission is free of spelling or grammar errors.

If you are not selected for a flash talk we will automatically consider your submission for a poster or space to display a research output..