Amanda-Jayne Kirk

Amanda joined the Society in June 2017 and is responsible for the Society’s Governance. This involves managing the Board of Trustees, compliance with all relevant legislations and maintaining and updating the Society’s governing instruments. Amanda supports the President, members of Council and governance committees to carry out their duties. In addition, Amanda oversees various aspects of work on behalf of the Chief Executive and Executive to support their work. This includes relationship management, the provision of IT, overseeing recruitment processes and accommodation.   

Prior to joining the Society, Amanda worked for the Welsh Government, the UK Government and the United Arab Emirates Government before a brief stint at the Tank Museum in Dorset. At the Tank Museum, Amanda was lucky enough to ride in the world’s only running Tiger 1 and got to sit in the Sherman used in the Hollywood blockbuster “Fury”.? 

Amanda is currently renovating a Grade II listed Baptist Union Chapel in West Wales and hopes to move there with her family before the end of 2022.  

Please note that Amanda works part time and her usual working days are Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 3.15pm.