Treasurer 2018

Invitation to submit nominations for the role of Treasurer

The Society’s Royal Charter bye-laws (9.3) and Regulations (point 6) provide that the Treasurer shall each be elected by the Fellows of the Society from amongst their number. The Regulations further provide that:

i. the Treasurer shall serve a term of Office of up to three Society Years as defined in accordance with these Regulations; the term of Office for the Treasurer shall commence at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which his or her election is announced;
ii. a Treasure may seek re-election for a second term of up to three Society Years;
iii. a Treasurer having served two terms shall not be eligible for re-election for a further consecutive term.

The current Treasurer, Professor John Wyn Owen was appointed as Treasurer at the end of the Annual General Meeting in May 2012 and was re-elected in May 2015 for the period of three Society years. His term of office will end at the close of the Annual General Meeting on 23 May 2018.

As Professor Owen has already served for a second term, as per the Regulations above, he is not eligible to be re-elected.

The Role of the Treasurer

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LSW Regulations approved by Council 28 June 2017