Key roles now open to Fellows – please apply

We are pleased to invite Fellows to apply to join the Society’s Council. These roles are vital to our strategic leadership, giving you the opportunity to help set the Society’s future ambitions and direction.

You can apply directly for all positions. If we receive more applications than the number of places available, an election will be held. 

Gender balance

The Council has made a renewed commitment to retain gender balance within the Fellowship and on our Council and committees. We therefore particularly welcome applications from women for all of these roles.

Terms of office

The term of office for all positions is 3 years, from the AGM on the year of appointment. Thereafter, new appointees may apply to serve one further 3-year term.

Please note that if incumbent members are eligible for re-election for a second term (as noted below), they will have to reapply and stand for election.

Council – 5 positions 

The Council is our board of trustees. Members are responsible for the overall governance, strategy and plans of the Society, which is a Royal Charter Charity. The Council ensures that the Society complies with its governing document and the law, and that it manages its resources responsibly. 

This year, there are 5 Council positions available in total. Of these, 5 are current Council members who are eligible for re-election and have indicated their willingness to apply again: 

  • Professor Claire Gorrara (attendance – 11 out of a possible 14 meetings since election in 2020) 
  • Professor Alma Harris (attendance – 6 out of a possible 14 meetings since election in 2020) 
  • Professor Qiang Shen (attendance – 11 out of a possible 14 meetings since election in 2020)
  • Professor John V Tucker (attendance – 13 out of a possible 14 meetings since election in 2020)
  • Professor Meena Upadhyaya (attendance – 11 out of a possible 14 meetings since election in 2020)

All positions are open to all Fellows. See below for information on how to apply

Application process

To apply for the Council positions, please complete this form:

Once completed, return the form by Friday 10th March 2023 to Amanda Kirk –

After the deadline, if we have received enough valid applications to require an election to be held, we will issue ballots to Fellows during the week beginning Monday 13th March, for return by Monday 4th April 2023. All Fellows of the Society will be eligible to vote. The ballots will include the applicants’ supporting statements.

What to expect as a Council member

The Council usually meets four times each year. Recently, all meetings have taken place on Zoom.

The June, September and January meetings are typically 2-3 hours in length. In March, Council has an ordinary meeting and a Special Meeting on the same day, totalling 4-5 hours. At the Special Meeting, Council members agree the final list of Fellowship nominees to be put forward to the existing Fellowship for election.

In addition to the meetings themselves, the main time commitment for Council members is to read the papers for each meeting. Other optional commitments may include:

  • Taking part in working groups established by the Council
  • Joining other Society committees as a Council representative
  • Representing the Society at external events

Fellows elected as Council members will be given an induction to the role, the Society’s strategy and procedures.

You might also wish to note that only Council members are eligible to be elected as Vice-President of the Society.

Please contact Amanda if you have any further questions about the election process.

Further Information

Our Regulations, which govern the Council and all our committees, are available here.